‘Ugly Halo could cause problems at Eau Rouge’


Apparently it is not just the asthetic of Halo that has Kevin Magnussen up in arms, he’s also unhappy with getting in and out of the car, chicanes and Eau Rouge.

Last week the Haas driver tested with Halo as Formula 1 prepared for the 2018 season, the first with the cockpit protection device.

“It’s very annoying. Ugly. Difficult to get into the car, difficult to get out of the car, difficult to get the steering wheel on and off, just awkward and annoying,” he told Autosport.

Added to that, the Dane reckons Halo will be a slight distraction for some corners, especially chicanes.

“Once you get into the corner it’s fine because you look to the sides and left and right of the pillar in the middle so it’s not a problem visually to see the corner,” he continued.

“But it distracts your eye obviously when you change direction like chicanes and you have to move your vision across the pillar.

“It’s a little bit distracting but it isn’t any concern as such.”

However, it is Spa’s Eau Rouge where he says it could really cause problems.

“If you’re chasing someone in Eau Rouge you won’t be able to see if he makes a mistake at the top and spins if you’re down the middle part,” he said.

“You won’t know if he’s in the wall or not.

“I guess the same at Austin Turn 1 where there’s big elevation, but we’ll see.”