Ultimate F1 Gifts For Dad


With Father's Day coming up on June 21st, we take a look at the latest ultimate F1 gifts from our friends at Memento Exclusives…

1. F1 Radiator Belt
As modelled by Nico Hulkenberg, this luxury brown leather belt has a buckle made from melted down Sahara Force India car radiators! £70

2. Dog Ring Clock
Renault F1 Dog Rings – once set-up to shift gear at less than 0.5 seconds. Now set-up to tell you the time. Available in 3 contemporary colour combos. £74.99

3. F1 Wheel Rim Table
Built from magnesium for the best balance between strength and weight, these F1 Wheel Rims are given a relaxing retirement as a side table for your living room. From £279

4. Carbon Fibre Wallet
Carbon fibre fabric adds a touch of masculine sparkle to an otherwise classic black leather wallet. £59.99

5. Wall-Mounted Side pods
Ok so maybe not in the average Father’s Day gifts budget, but too good not to mention. The ultimate in F1 artwork for your wall – an original wall-mounted side pod! From £499