Unopposed Todt set for four more years


Jean Todt is set to serve a third and final term as FIA president after no other candidates put their name forward for the upcoming election.

Todt has been president since 2009 and stated earlier in the year that he would be trying to stand for another four years in the role.

Potential candidates had until November 17 to declare an interest, but it is now a formality that Todt will remain on as no rivals emerged and, in fact, Todt was pressured into seeing out his tenure until 2021.

"A lot of people who voted for me are pushing me to go for another mandate," Todt said in May.

"It is very important, because if I had a lot of resistance not to go for the election, my decision would be much easier, because I would then decide that I will go."

The FIA General Assembly will ratify the decision on December 8, but a new FIA president will be named for 2021 and beyond as Todt will have then served the maximum three four-year terms.