Vandoorne: 2017 McLaren looks aggressive


With new regulation changes being implemented next season, McLaren-Honda driver Stoffel Vandoorne said the car looks aggressive.

Vandoorne will race his first full season in Formula 1, having already made a cameo appearance in Bahrain last season, where he scored a point after replacing an injured Fernando Alonso.

The regulation changes will see wider tyres and new aerodynamic features added to the cars, something the Belgian driver has already seen on the computer.

"I’ve seen it on a computer screen – just a 3D model," told the McLaren website. 

"It’s quite different to what the cars look like now. it looks very cool, very futuristic – especially with the wider tyres and bigger rear wing. When you look at the CG model from the rear, it looks very aggressive. They’ll look cool."

It has also been revealed that managing the new cars will be physically demanding, which the 24-year-old is fully aware of.

“I think next year’s cars are going to be a bit more challenging to drive, because the aero and new tyres should make them a couple of seconds quicker per lap than the current cars,” he said.

“They’ll be physically tougher – so I’ll be working with my trainer: we’re going on a few winter training camps to get myself as well prepared as possible for the first test.

"It’s still a bit difficult to know exactly what to expect – we don’t yet know how tough these new cars will be – but I think that’s good. When things get difficult for everybody, that can make a bigger difference. So let’s see.

“The biggest challenge will be training the neck – it’s the hardest muscle to train; it’s difficult to simulate the g-forces. And, no matter how much you train during the winter, at the end of the first day back in the car after the Christmas break, you always end up feeling knackered.”