Verstappen: Dominant wins are beautiful


Although overtaking is fun, Max Verstappen is okay with winning in dominant fashion as that is the “most beautiful way” to do it.

The Dutchman was in a class of his own in Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix.

He took the lead from Sebastian Vettel in a wheel-to-wheel tussle on the opening lap, however, that was the total sum of the action that Verstappen saw that day.

He raced to the victory by 20 seconds ahead of Valtteri Bottas and reckons that is the best way to win a race.

“Yes, because this is winning – and I think this is the most beautiful way of doing it,” he explained.

“Of course, overtaking is fun.

“But in recent years I’ve never been in a position that I could control races.

“But this is what I did in karting, actually, and in the end this is what you want to do.

“Overtaking is definitely nice, but to me it’s not something that’s necessary.

“Ultimately you want to win races like [Lewis] Hamilton and eventually win a championship.”