Max Verstappen: Don’t compare me to anyone

Date published: January 28 2018 - Editor

Max Verstappen is “not a fan” of being compared to other legendary drivers and just wants to focus on making a name for himself.

The Dutchman’s stock is rising all the time and is widely recognised as a World Champion in the making. But, when asked what he made of comparisons to the great Ayrton Senna, Verstappen was not entirely comfortable.

“I’m not really a fan of being compared to anyone,” Verstappen told Ziggo Sport.

“I try to keep focusing on myself. It is nice to hear that people are positive but it’s not something to think too much about. In Formula 1 you can go from hero to zero in a moment.”

Verstappen is not lacking in any motivation to be the very best, though, and is adamant he will take any chance to prove that.

He added: “I always think you have to think of yourself as the best. If you don’t, what’s the point of participating?

“The goal is to be the best and I have to prove it when I get the chance.

“That’s obviously depended on the car, but hopefully I’m able to prove myself more often.”