Verstappen hopes for rain in qualifying

Date published: March 23 2018 - Editor

Max Verstappen was happy with his “positive start” to the new season, but is hoping the heavens open in qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman found himself a tenth behind FP2 leader Lewis Hamilton as Red Bull try and be a major force from the off in 2018.

After perfect conditions for both practice sessions, the weather is expected to take a turn for the worse with heavy rain showers expected on Saturday, something that Verstappen would gladly welcome.

“The rain should [help], yes,” he said.

“Because it’s not so engine dependent in the wet. It’s just a bit trickier to go on the power and stuff, and our car is quite good in the wet and I enjoy myself as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be wet.”

Verstappen also does not feel too many conclusions can be drawn from the opening grand prix as to what the overall pecking order is.

“We have to wait as this is one Grand Prix but I think we needs at least two or three Grands Prix to really see what’s going on,” Verstappen added.

“Even then, it’s all about the development rate of the car.

“I still think from the start of the season Mercedes will always be the favourites. They’ve won four titles in a row. You know Mercedes are going to be quick but I think we still have some things to improve of course but I’m positive.”