Verstappen: ‘It’s easy for Hamilton to blame me’


Red Bull's Max Verstappen has said it was "easy" for Lewis Hamilton to blame him for their incident in Bahrain because he is the "younger driver".

Hamilton called Verstappen 'a ****head" after watching their coming together back on the tv monitor just before the podium celebrations.

And inevitably, Verstappen was asked for his thoughts on the incident a week on in the Drivers' Press Conference in China.

"It is quite simple and easy to blame the younger driver," Verstappen said when quizzed about Hamilton's reaction.

'That's the only way I can see it. But these things happen and there is no reason to change anything."

Verstappen also said he has not spoken to Hamilton since Bahrain, but may do so over the course of this weekend.

He also defended his driving style and has no plans to change it.

He said: "I might have a talk with him, it depends on whether it is really necessary.

"And why should I change something? I don't think I did anything wrong and I was just trying to overtake a car.

"I think it was a fair chance and I went for it. And for example last year in Mexico, it could have gone wrong there as well.

"It's racing. It's very simple and I really don't understand why everyone is so on top of this topic. These things happen in racing."