Verstappen ‘pretty relaxed’ amidst Renault rumours


Max Verstappen says he is “pretty relaxed” about the situation as rumours swept through the Singapore paddock, claiming that Red Bull are about to be dropped by Renault.

According to speculation, Renault have told Red Bull that next season will be their last with French power as Renault are not renewing their contract.

This has led to reports claiming that Red Bull could follow Toro Rosso in signing with Honda while other state a Porsche buy-out is in the makings.

Verstappen, though, says whatever happens he is not stressing over it.

“I’m pretty relaxed about it,” the Dutchman told GPUpdate.

Asked specifically how he feels about racing a Honda engine come 2019, he replied: “Maybe, but that’s 2019, if… and at the end of the day, I’m not making the decision.

“You never know, it [could] be that Honda next year is very competitive, but I don’t know what’s [been] decided for the future.

“I know that I’m driving with a Red Bull-Renault next year, and then we’ll see.”