Verstappen says crash was ‘a bit odd’

Date published: April 7 2018 - Editor

Max Verstappen is still trying to understand the crash that put him out of qualifying in Bahrain, revealing that he suddenly had “150 horsepower” more than expected as he went into the corner.

The Red Bull driver crashed out qualifying on Saturday night as he lost it at the apex into Turn Three.

The back end of his RB14 stepped out, and he hit the barrier at speed.

The crash meant Verstappen could not continue in qualifying and finished the night down in 15th place.

He told reporters: “It was of course unfortunate.

“I studied the data a bit before I came here [to the interview bullpen], and suddenly we had 150 horsepower increase which was a bit odd because the corner is not flat out.

“Suddenly it spun up the rear tyres quite aggressively and spun.

“I didn’t anticipate it at all and suddenly 150 horsepower extra and you already think you are on the limit, it is quite a lot.

Verstappen, though, is hoping that he can at least recover from 15th to fifth.

“It should be alright, up to P5 should be alright,” he added.

“A little bit of luck with a Safety Car would be good.”