‘Verstappen showed Hamilton attitude’


Arriving in Montreal under-fire for his driving, Nico Rosberg reckons Max Verstappen used his anger to show some “Lewis Hamilton attitude” on his way to P3.

With six incidents in six grands prix, Verstappen has come in for a barrage of criticism of late.

That saw the Red Bull driver threaten, in jest, to “headbutt” the next person who asks him about it.

He did his driving on the track, topping all three practice sessions, qualifying third and then racing to third on the Sunday.

“Verstappen – epic weekend,” Rosberg said on his official YouTube channel. “He showed a bit of Lewis Hamilton attitude to me this weekend.

“When Lewis is angry, he is at his best. He channels it into an unbelievable performance and I think Verstappen had some of that this weekend, so he gained this extra focus from the word go.

“He was first all the way through [practice], great qualifying, and finished third. I think that was a really good weekend from him.”

As for Hamilton, who was fifth in Montreal, his former team-mate gave his verdict on what was a disappointing Canadian GP for the six-time winner.

“Lewis had one of those off-weekends totally. OK he had an engine thing in the race, but even so qualifying was still off.

“Typical for Lewis – these phases, he loses a bit of motivation when things don’t go well.”