Verstappen shrugs off critics


After a season full of ups and downs for Max Verstappen, the youngster explained that he doesn’t take any of his critics too seriously.

Verstappen got promoted from Toro Rosso to Red Bull after four races into the season and went onto win the Spanish Grand Prix on his debut for the senior team. He also went onto finish on the podium six more times throughout the season.

However, despite showcasing his undeniable talent, many experts and drivers slammed his driving style, calling it too aggressive.

The Dutchman, though, shrugged of the opinions of his colleagues.

"I'm always focusing on myself and trying to do the best possible race and result. That's how it goes, I don't care about other opinions," Verstappen said.

"[2016 was] pretty positive. I didn't expect the season to go like this, that I would be at Red Bull and would have won a race and has such memorable races as well. I can't complain.

"It's very positive and some good moments that I learned from, so that's a good start for next year when hopefully the car and engine will improve again.

"I think just physically [I can improve] because the cars will be harder on your body, I think that is the first thing to improve at the moment. 

"Of course by getting older, for me at the moment, I will get stronger anyway. But it's always important to improve that all the time."