Verstappen: This is not a Sunday drive


Max Verstappen’s driving in Hungary will be discussed at the drivers’ briefing, however, he has defended his actions, saying this not a “Sunday drive.”

Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen clashed while fighting over fourth place last Sunday with the Ferrari driver accusing the Dutchman of making more than one move to defend his position.

However, Verstappen, who was left with a cut tyre from Raikkonen’s front wing, feels he did nothing wrong.

“I think generally I was very happy to not get a puncture because I got quite a big cut on my tyre,” he said.

“I think it was all pretty clear, there was nothing said from the stewards as well so I think I didn’t do anything wrong.

“At the end of the day we are fighting in the championship with Ferrari so it’s not like you say ‘thank you very much, the door is open, you can go’, because he didn’t do it to me as well after the first pit stop.

“You are fighting and it’s not like we are on a Sunday drive, that’s how I approach the race because we are there to fight and we are there to score points and I think Senna and Prost would have liked it as well.”