Verstappen: ‘Very good signs’ for Red Bull

Date published: February 21 2017

Max Verstappen's father, Jos, has said he has been encouraged by the information he has heard regarding Red Bull ahead of the new season.

Red Bull leapfrogged Ferrari as the main contender to Mercedes in 2016 and there is an expectation that the new aerodynamic regulations will suit them.

"We know from Max that he always goes for the maximum. You're always dependent on the car, but I have a very good feeling about this as well," Verstappen told Dutch television channel Ziggo Sport.

"Red Bull has always been very strong in this area with new regulations. Aerodynamically there is a lot more possible.

"Based on the information we hear here and there, I have the feeling things are looking very good."

However, Verstappen believes it is still premature to think that Red Bull will make enough progress this year to win titles.

"There is a lot of talk that he will win the championship and so on. My personal opinion is, and that's my personal opinion, that it's just one year too early," he added.

"I do think that the gap to Mercedes has to become smaller."