‘Very active’ talks about Miami Grand Prix

Date published: February 15 2018 - Editor

McLaren chief Zak Brown has revealed that Miami could well be the second race host in the US, with “very active conversations” taking place.

Liberty have made no secret of the fact that they want to extend the race calendar and further tap into the North America market with a second race in the US.

New York and Las Vegas have been named as potential destinations, but Miami could be emerging from the pack as there are plans in place to host a live event similar to the one in London last year with a view of adding a second US race further down the line.

“The festivals will be big, they are definitely happening,” Brown said.

“But I’d be surprised if we can get it done for next year just because of the infrastructure which would need to be built up.

“But l think it’s definitely a pre-cursor to another race in North America and they are definitely very active in conversations around Miami. It’s definitely warming up America and that market.”