Vettel: All in all a perfect weekend


Sebastian Vettel took advantage of the nature of the Singapore track on Sunday night, admitting he played a tactical game given how difficult it is to overtake.

Vettel's race around the Marina Bay circuit consisted of two speeds on Sunday night, metered or flat-out.

Depending on where he was on his tyre life and in the grand prix, the German either stormed away from former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo or kept the Red Bull driver just out of DRS range.

But however he played it, it never once looked as if Ricciardo could challenge for the victory and Vettel raced from lights to flag to take his fourth win in Singapore.

"It was pretty intense," said the Ferrari driver.

"Obviously we had a bit of a breather with the Safety Car but there was lots of pressure from behind.

"I think Daniel had a very good race, looking after his tyres very well, which made it a bit tactical towards the end of the stints.

"Second stint I was dictating the pace as around here is not so easy to overtake so I was using that.

"At some point chipping away and trying to control the gap. Fortunately that worked.

"We had a really great day, a great week. Thanks to the team."

Asked whether he had been showboating in qualifying, Vettel, who claimed his first pole position of this season by half a second ahead of Ricciardo, said: "Not really.

"Friday was not perfect but we improved the car overnight and picked up so much pace.

"The car was fantastic yesterday with one lap and there was so much adrenaline in qualifying.

"Then the same today. I was able to look after my tyres and control the pace.

"All in all a perfect weekend."

Sunday's win was Vettel's third of this season and he reckons there is still time to add a fourth before the year is over.

"If we have more weekends like this. All we have to do is look after ourselves, maximum attack and what they (Mercedes) do is not in our hands."

As for the Championship race where he lies 41 points behind Lewis Hamilton, he said: "We still have a small chance and maybe we can make the impossible possible. We'll go for it."