Vettel: Another mistake from Kvyat


For the second successive grand prix, Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat has been involved in an incident although this time the German was forced into retirement.

Last time out in China, Vettel blamed Kyvat for his coming together with his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.

This timein Russia it was Kvyat's team-mate Daniel Ricciardo who was the innocent victim.

On the opening lap of Sunday's race at the Sochi circuit, Kvyat rammed into the back of Vettel's Ferrari at Turn  2, which sent the German into Ricciardo's RB12.

The Russian driver again hit Vettel again a corner lap, this time putting the Ferrari driver into the barrier and out of the grand prix.

A furious Vettel lashed out over the team radio, saying: "Somebody hit me in the f****** rear in Turn 2 then someone hit me in the f****** rear again at Turn 3."

Speaking to the BBC after he had a few minutes to cool off, Vettel said: "These things happen obviously but it's harsh. The race is very long; you can make progress on the first lap but you can also end your race.

"It was not my fault, there was nothing I would do differently.

"I don't dislike him but I think he made a mistake two weeks ago and a mistake today but it doesn't change anything."

However, asked whether he had lifted as he entered Turn 3, the German admitted he had as he was reacting to the possible damage to his car as well as the race situation.

"I wasn't sure so I looked at the rear of my car to see I had damage," he said. "I wasn't sure if I had a puncture or if the structure was broken.

"Also I was reacting to Lewis, who I wanted to attack straight away as I had a better exit at Turn 2.

"But the corner goes to the left, I was on the right so I lifted a bit."