Vettel calls radio restrictions a ‘joke’


After Lewis Hamilton slammed the FIA for the radio restrictions they implemented this year, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has agreed with him, calling it a ‘joke’.

Hamilton was angered by the fact that his Mercedes team couldn’t help discover which engine mode he should be in during the European Grand Prix. He also said that it could have been a dangerous situation as he kept on looking at his steering wheel.

Before the season commenced, the FIA issued stricter rules on radio communication in an effort to make the races more exciting with the drivers driving the car ‘alone and unaided’.

However, Vettel, a quadruple World Champion, has claimed that he sees no benefit or upside in the radio ban.

“Well if you want my honest opinion I think it’s a joke because it doesn’t really change much,” said the Ferrari driver, whose teammate Kimi Raikkonen suffered similar problems to Hamilton in Baku.

“There’s a lot of stuff that you would like to ask and you can’t. Equally I think there is a lot of stuff that the team would like to tell us.

“I don’t think you go any quicker when the team tells you what is going on but yeah the way some people see it, they have a different view.

“As I said in the end it doesn’t change anything apart from the fact that you have less radio communication to broadcast and I think a little bit less to give to the people.”