Vettel ‘chickened out’ on final qualy lap


Sebastian Vettel has said he "chickened out" of his final hot lap, which left the door open for Valtteri Bottas to clinch his third career pole position.

With Lewis Hamilton out of the equation due to a shock crash in Q1, it was left to Vettel and Bottas to scrap it out for pole in Brazil.

The Finn pipped Vettel by 0.038 seconds on his final lap and Vettel is a little bit annoyed that he let pole position slip away.

"It's alright," Vettel said about his P2 start. "For tomorrow I think it's fine but I'd have loved to be ahead.

"I think I chickened out a little bit on the brakes for the final run into Turn One and lost a bit too much time. From there the lap was fine but I knew I had a bit left in the last corner which I got but by then I was too much behind.

"I was happy with my first lap. I think it was OK. Three hundredths you always think there's somewhere you can get that.

"Our long run looked good, especially to Valtteri, so let's see what happens."