Vettel dreading Saturday’s qualy sessions


After a shaky start to Fridays practice sessions ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel has said that they have to prep the car as best as possible ahead of qualifiers.

Towards the end of practice session 2, the German told the Ferrari technical team on the radio: "Something is not right. I stop the car. I lost drive."

However, since Friday's action concluded, Ferrari have said that it was not a huge problem and that it could be an electrical issue with the car.

Looking ahead to tomorrow's practice session 3 and qualifiers, Vettel admitted that although he is not looking forward to it they are still professionals and will have to make the best of it.

"There are not many fans of the system, but it is what is and we need to do our homework tonight and make sure we have a quick car tomorrow," the four-time World Champion said.

"Mercedes are the benchmark, they have looked really competitive this afternoon and this evening, but hopefully we can be a bit closer. The car feels alright, there is bits and bobs we can improve."