Vettel: F1 is a sport first and foremost


Sebastian Vettel says Formula 1 needs to remember that it is sport, and not a show, when deciding new regulations.

As audience figures continue to dwindling, Formula 1 bosses have been looking into various ways to up the excitement.

The most recent idea trialed was elimination qualifying, which was intended to up the ante and create mixed grid.

All it did, though, was generate a barrage of criticism, prompting a return to the 2015 qualifying format.

The sport’s bosses are now debating the technical regulations that will govern F1 from 2017 onwards.

And with the April 30th deadline looming, Vettel has urged the powers-that-be to remember the Formula 1 is first and foremost a sport.

“The way I consider it Formula 1 is a sport,” quotes the Ferrari driver as having said. “I understand it’s a show, as well, but for me it’s a sport.

“When I started racing what interested most, apart from the driving, was the racing bit, the fighting with the other kids, trying to come out first, trying to be the quickest, and I think that remains the main challenge. For me this remains the most important thing.

“Formula One has always been the pinnacle of motor sport so it’s natural the cars should be quicker than all the other cars around the globe, which I think they are.

“Here and there we have aspects we can improve, and if you look back and figure an average I think it should be pretty clear what we should stick with or what we should go back to, in the future.”