Vettel hoping to be ‘a bit wiser’ in 2018


Sebastian Vettel is hoping to work on his flaws and stay cool under pressure as he prepares to mount another title challenge next season.

Reliability was partially to blame for Ferrari's implosion, but Vettel's mentality and decision-making process also contributed to the titles eventually swinging the way of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

His clash with Hamilton in Baku proved to be one of the defining moments of the season, and Vettel is wanting to make sure that he does not get involved in these high-profile incidents in the future.

"Yes, definitely," Vettel said when asked at the FIA Hall of Fame event in Paris whether he enjoyed battling with Hamilton.

"There is no doubt about his skill and his speed. He's very quick and he doesn't do many mistakes.

"Jacques [Villeneuve] said [Michael] Schumacher was the best one and the hardest one to fight against.

"It's exactly that, if you fight against the best, it elevates you onto the next level.

"A lot of the things that I did back then, they were right, but today thinking a bit different or just a bit wiser, I hope so, to allow me to do better."