Vettel left clueless after qualy


Qualifying in P6 ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel was left clueless after Saturday's action.

While teammate Kimi Raikkonen placed ahead of him in P5 after Q3, Vettel couldn’t quite match the pace of Mercedes or Red Bull throughout the day.

The four-time World Champion explained that the Scuderia have to step up their game for tomorrow’s GP but did add that there is still a chance for them to put an impressive performance.

"There's the start and there's a long race, there are a lot of laps," the German speedster claimed.

"For sure, lap one is important, but there's a whole race after that. I'll try to go a lot further than that and see what we can do.

"I think the car should be a lot quicker tomorrow. I don't know what happened this afternoon.

"We are disappointed as a team today because we didn't deliver what we can, we need to have a look and understand. We can't change it now.

"Tomorrow is another day, we know that the car is strong, we know that the car can be very strong, we just need to make sure that we get it in the right groove."