Vettel, Massa buoyed by Schumi progress


Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa have both welcomed the news that there are signs of “consciousness and awakening” for Michael Schumacher.

Three months after being placed in a medically induced coma following a skiing accident, the German’s agent Sabine Kehm released some positive news about his condition.

“Michael is making progress on his way,” stated Kehm. “He shows moments of consciousness and awakening.

“We are on his side during this long and difficult fight, together with the team of the hospital in Grenbole, and we keep remaining confident.”

The news was welcomed by all in the paddock with Vettel wishing the 45-year-old and his family all the best.

“I’m always a bit careful with second-hand information but it’s very good to hear it’s going in the right direction,” said the Red Bull driver.

“There’s still a long process ahead of him so we need to be careful. It’s good to hear after many, many weeks of no news.

“I wish all the best to him and his families and hopefully we keep hearing over the next weeks.”

Meanwhile, Massa, who raced alongside Schumacher at Ferrari, was grateful for the positive report.

“I really hope we have positive news all the time,” he said. “I pray for him every day and want to see him back here.

“I’m definitely looking forward to that and hope the best for him and the family, and also for the doctors taking care of him. I think it’s getting better and better all the time so that’s my hope.”