Vettel: More challenging, more fun


With “significantly faster” cars out on track, Sebastian Vettel believes this year’s Formula 1 racing will be “more fun” for the drivers.

Formula 1 is undergoing a massive overhaul of the regulations ahead of the 2017 season, introducing wider tyres and wings as well as increasing downforce.

The aim is to up the lap times by as much as five seconds per lap.

And with faster cars on hand, Vettel reckons driving will be “more of a challenge” for the drivers.

“The car should be significantly faster,” he told Channel 4. “Not so much on the straight, I think the straights will be slower in terms of top speed.

“Cornering speeds will be a lot higher which means forces are higher, it will be more physical as well.”

“It’s interesting to see how the tyres will behave, the cars will have significantly more downforce than what we tested with last year.

“Overall, it’s a big change, I think it will be more of a challenge.

“Overall, I think we could end up pushing harder for longer in the race, so we shouldn’t be limited too much by the tyres.”

However, like many, the Ferrari driver concedes that the new rules may not little or not impact on overtaking.

That, though, doesn’t mean it won’t be more fun.

“Whether we’ll see more overtaking? I’m not sure. I don’t think we will,” he added.

“Hopefully, the racing will be better and more fun, if you go faster it’s normally always more fun.”