Vettel: Never as good as they say, nor as bad


Bouncing back from a crushing defeat at the British GP with a win in Hungary, Sebastian Vettel reckons you are “never as good as they say, you’re never as bad as they say.”

Following the loss at Silverstone, a race where Vettel failed to finish on the podium and had his lead in the Drivers’ Championship slashed to just one point, reports claimed that Ferrari were in a crisis.

It appeared as if momentum had swung firmly in Mercedes’ favour with some even speculating that Ferrari’s chance of winning the World title was over.

Two weeks later Vettel won the Hungarian GP, a race he started from pole position, and headed in the summer break 14 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

“That there’s a lot of talk, and it’s good to move on and get to the next race and the talking usually stops,” Vettel said.

“I think it’s normal, based on what you did last race people say something good or something bad.

“I think something that has always worked for me is that you’re never as good as they say, you’re never as bad as they say.

“If the Silverstone race was the worst race of the year, then that’s fine, we move on.

“But it’s a long year, a lot of races, normal to have some ups and downs.

“It was a nice race here [Hungary]. Really enjoyed it.

“Obviously qualifying was great, the race was a bit more difficult but the result in the end matters and that’s what makes us very happy, obviously, that’s what the team deserves.

“I think they are working very hard. Again, you mustn’t forget where we were last year, the end of last year, and the step that Ferrari has made is bigger than anyone else.”