Vettel not concerned by Red Bull’s pace


Sebastian Vettel has downplayed Red Bull’s opening burst of pace in Monaco and said they “always” look strong before the “usual” happens.

And, by the “usual” of course, Vettel is referring to Ferrari and Mercedes being able to turn their engines up for qualifying whilst Red Bull are left rooted on the third row.

But, with a half a second gap to pace-setter Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel did concede there are areas for Ferrari to work on.

“Always on Friday Red Bull looked a bit stronger, so let’s see if it’s the usual [on Saturday]”, Vettel told reporters back in the paddock.

“I think it will be very close. I don’t have a favourite yet.

“I think for us we need to look at ourselves which is what we do and try to do our homework.

“I was pretty comfortable in the car, it was sliding too much, but as long as you know where it’s going to end up, and how it’s going to slide, then I think it’s fine.

“Now we need to get on top of the sliding and reduce it and I think we will pick up some pace, then we should be in a good position.”

Vettel also welcomed the challenges that an unique circuit like Monaco brings as there is such a small margin for error.

He added: “It is a bit more fun than other circuits, the track is very challenging and you have no room for mistakes.

“You have to think twice before you drop it and try everything. But I think it’s what it’s about.

“I was happy today and I could play around even if I was sliding a lot, I still knew I wasn’t going to touch the barriers.

“Now we just need to get on top of the sliding and I think we will find some more pace.”