Vettel offers no excuses


Sebastian Vettel has admitted that Ferrari have no excuses for their underwhelming performance at the British Grand Prix over the past weekend.

The quadruple World Champion placed in a disappointing ninth at Silverstone, with the Scuderia struggling for pace throughout the weekend.

Vettel also suffered a five-placed penalty grid before the Grand Prix could even commence after changing his gearbox for a second weekend in a row.

He also added that there it was not strange that Red Bull managed to finish ahead of them as they were tipped to be particularly strong in Britain.

“We want to win, so I don’t really care what’s going on behind,” he said.

“As long as they stay behind, I think it was arguably a strong weekend for them and not so strong for us.

“It’s probably the only race this year where in terms of race pace we weren’t able to fight them and beat them.

“But I’m pretty confident that things will look different again in two weeks.

“That’s not an excuse, we had a bad weekend and we need to make sure we address this and we take actions and move forward, understand why we struggled more than other people.

“Generally everyone is improving we are, other people are but I think this weekend was a step back for us in terms of competitiveness, not necessarily a big step up for other people.”