Vettel: Old enough not to resort to jibes


Sebastian Vettel didn’t feel the need to goad Lewis Hamilton with his Australian GP win as he says the Brit was only “joking” when he did just that after qualifying.

Taking pole position at the Albert Park circuit, Hamilton said he was just waiting to “wipe the smile” off Vettel’s face.

Vettel responded with a “what goes around comes around” and a day later the tables were turned.

The Ferrari driver claimed the victory in a race that Hamilton was on course to win after benefitting from a Virtual Safety Car.

Vettel, though, did not taunt Hamilton over it.

He said: “Lewis said he was joking and I believe him.

“We are old enough and we don’t need to go on that sort of level.

“It’s fine as long as we joke with each other.

“I think we share – all of us – a common passion and that makes us quite equal again.

“Apart from one point last year, we have not had a problem with each other.

“Even if we are very different people, we share a common passion and that makes us equal again.

“We love racing and we try to do our best, and in that regard, I do not see why we shouldn’t get on with each other.”