Vettel philosophical after latest title dent

Date published: September 30 2017

Sebastian Vettel kept a cool head in the paddock after engine issues put him dead last on the grid for Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix.

Both sides of the Ferrari garage were working frantically on Vettel's car, which needed an fourth and final penalty-free engine fitted ahead of qualifying.

However, Vettel lost turbo in the early stages of Q1 and mechanics were unable to fix the latest issue in time for the German to set a time.

“Obviously I lost power, just after sector one, and then limped back,” said Vettel.

“We were planning [to go back out again] but obviously we have live telemetry on the car so as soon as the engine is running we see all the pressures and temperatures etc, and I guess something wasn’t there, we couldn’t fix it, so it made no sense to go back out.

“We need to see now what was the problem, but we managed to do the change successfully in time. We thought we would be late, but we made it, so the guys did a miracle today.

"They have worked like crazy today. They fixed it up so quickly. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get out and get it where it belongs from them.

Vettel, who is 28 points behind World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton – who went on to clinch a 70th career pole – is not getting too caught up in what this means for his race and his title bid.

He added: “It’s not ideal, not what you want, especially on a day where you feel you’ve got it in you, you’ve got it in the car, but unfortunately we won’t be able to prove that.

“Tomorrow should be a little more exciting then. It’s a shame, because the car is quick and I think today we could have got pole, or have a word at least.

“You never know, and [the race] is fairly straightforward – we’ve saved some tyres, which helps us. For sure the starting position doesn’t help, but you never know what can happen tomorrow.

"So I’m fairly open minded, focus on the race and not what it means for the points. Step by step.”