Vettel puzzled by German drop-off


Sebastian Vettel is unsure as to why German fans stopped attending their country's Formula 1 grands prix.

This year's German GP was dropped as the Nurburgring's new owners were unable to agree a deal with Bernie Ecclestone while Hockenheim ran out of time to organise a race after protracted talks.

The cancellation, though, came after years of dwindling spectator figures.

Vettel is puzzled as to why this is happening especially after seeing the huge crowds that made up the Mexican GP.

"Being completely honest, I don't know what happened [in Germany]," he explained to the German media. "It was great but in the last few years it was not full in Germany.

"I think there were more German flags here [in Mexico] than in Germany. I don't know what is wrong.

"Maybe people are tired, perhaps the tickets are too expensive? Maybe people are realistic about how much money they spend?"

He added: "It is a shame to see over the year less and less of a crowd, even though German drivers are fighting for victories.

"It is a bit of a shame but it seems in other countries people are a bit more passionate about racing."