Vettel: The cold is making it very difficult


Although Sebastian Vettel feels Ferrari’s SF71H is a “step forward”, he concedes he doesn’t really know about performance given the weather in Spain.

The German spent his first day in the SF71H at the Circuit de Catalunya on Tuesday where he was quickest on the soft tyres.

His 1:19.673 put him 0.3s up on Valtteri Bottas with the Mercedes driver running the mediums.

“The car is working and we didn’t have any problem reliability wise,” Vettel said. “Everything is making sense.

“It seems we have made a step forward. I don’t know about performance, but with the general operation everything is really smooth.”

The weather at the Spanish has made life difficult for the teams with a high of just 5’C on Tuesday.

The cold temperatures resulted in an off for Vettel, who got it wrong at Turn 2 and kicked up a hefty amount of gravel which brought out the red flags as the marshals cleaned the track.

“It’s very cold, the most important thing is that if you look at the table, we did nearly 100 laps,” he added.

“Considering that it was snowing also, at the end of the day it’s okay, but it’s very difficult to get the tyres to work. Everybody is struggling with the same issues.

“It was only 3-4 degrees, the asphalt is 10 degrees, so it’s very, very cold. Not the conditions we normally run.

“Obviously the limiting factor was the weather. It’s difficult to judge, knowing how difficult it was out there just to stay on the track with the cool conditions, I think others were facing the same issues.

“We should not get into details too much because it’s a bit pointless. I hope next week we will know more.”