‘Too much noise over what Marchionne says’

Date published: October 13 2017

Sebastian Vettel has downplayed Sergio Marchionne’s perceived criticism of Ferrari, saying “a little bit too much noise” is made about what he says.

Following a successful start to this year’s championship, Vettel and Ferrari have seen their hopes of a first Drivers’ title together implode since the summer break.

A lack of pace at Spa and Monza meant Lewis Hamilton was able to edge ahead in the standings while a crash in Singapore and engine reliability woes in Malaysia and Japan have all but sealed it.

After the latter two races, Marchionne hit out at Ferrari’s quality control, saying it made him very angry.

That, though, hasn’t been his only criticism of the team during his tenure as team president.

Asked if Marchionne put too much pressure on the team, Vettel told Autosport: “No, but the feeling I have after a couple of years now is that many times the way it gets translated is a bit too harsh.

“So I think whatever he says, he is usually very straightforward and he is right.

“There is always reason for it. He is fair. But then people tend to make a little bit too much noise about it.

“Whatever he says in the press, he is saying the same things inside the team and even more straightforward.

“So for people inside the team it’s not a big news.

“But for outside it always seems to be a big news, and then this can create a bit of unnecessary turbulences I would say.”

The German added that Ferrari have “learned how to deal with” Marchionne’s comments.

“The most important thing is that it does not impact on us as a team,” he continued.

“Mostly because he [Marchionne] has a very strong connection to us. He is very involved and you know he is a very clever man.

“When he sees what is going on, he knows what is wrong and so on. And he is willing to win as much as we all do.

“In this regard I don’t think he is actually putting pressure. The way that press sometimes translates sounds like pressure.”