Vettel vows not to lift off the throttle


The championship may be over but Sebastian Vettel says winning the final two races of 2017 would mean “a lot” as next year’s regulations are largely stagnant.

Last time out in Mexico Vettel bid farewell to the title as Lewis Hamilton grabbed an unassailable lead with two races to spare.

It was a disappointing end to the championship for Vettel and Ferrari, who had led the way in the first half of this season.

The German, though, has vowed to keep pushing in the final two races of 2017.

Asked ‘how much of a tailwind would that mean for the build-up of 2018’, he told the official F1 website: “A lot, particularly as there are no rule changes and the car that ends up on top in 2017 should be able to carry this into 2018.

“Everything that we learn here and in Abu Dhabi is a good step for next season. So lifting off the throttle would be the completely wrong thing to do!”

The four-time World Champion also confirmed that Ferrari have been testing various parts that will go towards their 2018 campaign.

“I think rumours are wobbling through the paddock that there are massive parts on the car for 2018… the fact is that the whole season is a preparation for 2018 as there will not be rules changes other than the halo.

“So everything we’ve learned this season will find its way onto the car in 2018…”