Watch: Ricciardo, Max destroy caravans


Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen left a trail of destruction at a demo event held at Zandvoort on Sunday.

The Red Bull duo, who have been no strangers to big collisions so far this season, were present at the Jumbo Racedagen event on their weekend off from Formula 1 racing.

Alongside Red Bull ambassador David Coulthard, the trio dusted off the RB7 and RB8 cars before Ricciardo and Verstappen caused carnage in Aston Martins…with caravans strapped to the back.

“There were a lot of people which was good to see.” Verstappen said, back on home soil.

“Daniel’s caravan is not a caravan anymore which is a good sign. It is completely destroyed! Mine is only running on one wheel now.”

Take a look at the Red Bull boys causing a bit of a mess…

Think it’s time to give Christian another call…