Webber: F1 Driver depth at its weakest


Mark Webber has bemoaned the current state of Formula 1, saying the driver "depth has never been weaker", adding "we need cars to be more exciting, faster, noisier".

Formula 1 is once again going through some growing pains with many not happy with the direction in which the sport is heading. The FIA, though, is looking at ways to improve the show.

Former Red Bull driver Webber believes a lot of people are losing interesting in F1 and a lot of things need to change before things will improve.

"I spoke to Sebastian Vettel's father the other day who came to the sportscar race in Germany and he said 'I don't get the goosebumps any more when I go to there (Formula One)'," the Australian told told BBC Radio 5 live.

"That is a general trend and a general feel from the people sort of in the know that we have to get the cars more exciting again for the drivers.

"We need the cars to be more exciting, faster, noisier – just put them on a level where they are not close to other categories as they are now. GP2, the category below F1, are doing very similar lap times. It is not right.

"The physical components are probably at the lowest they have ever been, too. It is like a rugby union tackle, 30 per cent softer."

Another area that F1 has fallen behind, according to Webber, is the number of high-quality drivers and he feels there are too many people paying for their drive these days.

"The depth has never been weaker," he added. "If you go from the top 10 back in terms of there are lot of pay drivers on the grid. This is not good.

"We need to get the calibre of driver and depth of the field that we have at the front."