Webber: F1 not in great shape


Mark Webber has joined the growing list of those criticising today's F1, saying "all the drivers" are disappointed.

With Mercedes once again running away with the Championship double, F1 personalties and fans alike have slated the sport.

Although the powers-that-be have discussed various ways to up the ante on a Sunday afternoon, as yet nothing has been set in stone.

This has led to even more criticism with Niki Lauda recently stating that time is running out for F1 to save itself.

And saving is what Webber say it is desperately in need of.

"Formula One itself, it's not in great shape," the former driver said in a Red Bull video.

"We're disappointed with it. We all talk. All the drivers talk and we're disappointed where they've gone with the cars, the lap times.

"They're just not stimulating for the drivers and this is rubbing off. The fans can see this. Over the course of the five or six years they've got many, many things wrong to try and make the sport better.

"It's become a sniff too artificial. There wasn't as many consequences when you make mistakes and people are starting to see through that.

"We've got to turn on the TV, or go to the race track, and see something that you're hardly going to see. MotoGP? Oh my God. Not many people can do that.

"That's what people like to go and see. Messi, Ronaldo, this is what people love to switch a TV on for."

He added: "We've got a big chance here to keep Formula 1 like that, but it’s not like that at the moment."