Webber: Ferrari is a big disappointment


Mark Webber doesn’t believe Mercedes’ rivals are in the game yet, as Red Bull have not “really caught up” and Ferrari have been a “big disappointment.”

For the third year running, Mercedes have dominated the championship with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg sharing all the race victories bar one.

That one, the Spanish Grand Prix, went to new Red Bull signing Max Verstappen.

However, Webber says his former team still has some way to go before they are on a level with Mercedes.

“I don’t see that Red Bull have really caught up,” he said in an interview with Auto Bild. “They have here and there a good race, but Mercedes is usually still unbeatable.”

As for Ferrari, the Scuderia have yet to win a grand prix and recently fell behind Red Bull in the standings.

“Ferrari is a big disappointment,” the Aussie said. “Sebastian and Kimi are doing what they can.

“The drivers are very much protecting the team in the media, but inwardly they know that the team should be on a higher level.

“I think they have not shown their full potential as every week they cannot make the most as there are penalties or strategy mistake. It is frustrating for drivers.”

Asked whether Sebastian Vettel, who was Webber’s team-mate at Red Bull Racing, can push Ferrari forward, the 39-year-old replied: “There’s no doubt he can. But he needs the right people and I’m not sure if they have them at the moment.

“Ferrari is under constant media pressure, always needing to deliver. You can see with Sebastian that it can be frustrating, but his experience will help him.”

As for his relationship with the German, which was volatile during their years together, Webber says there is now respect.

“When we were together in the boxing ring, the fight was very intense,” he said. “But it had to be so, we both wanted to get the best of us. Now we have a normal relationship, we even talk now and then. We respect that.”