Webber laments lack of F1 ‘heroes and gladiators’


Mark Webber has once again bemoaned the state that Formula 1 finds itself in, saying the sport lacks characters as everything can be engineered.

With Mercedes dominating since the start of the 2014 season, many have described the sport as expensive and boring with its popularity waning in recent years.

Some believe the tracks are not challenging enough, some are upset about the lack of noise from the V6 engines, some moan about fuel saving and tyres while others feel drivers are more like robots.

In an interview with Speedweek, former Red Bull driver Webber lamented that "today's F1 doesn't feature characters anymore".

He added: "It no longer inspires the fans. The public wants heroes and gladiators, but F1 no longer provides those.

"You buy a ticket for 500 Euros and you can see Lewis Hamilton exit from the corner. Then comes the GP2 and Mitch Evans travels at the same speed from the curve as Hamilton. But nobody wants to pay 500 Euros for that."

"When someone like me who was part of the action for quite some time don't understand the sport anymore, then how is your regular Joe supposed to understand what's going on?"

Webber's former team Red Bull as well as Toro Rosso are facing an uncertain future as they still don't have a power unit supplier for the 2016 season and they have threatened to quit the sport if they don't find a fast and reliable engine.

The Australian hopes they are on the grid, even if they don't have a great engine.

"The guillotine is already set up, but I hope it does not fall. I hope Red Bull will remain in Formula 1," he said. "Maybe the solution for 2016 won't be great for next year's Championship, but at least both teams will be on the grid. Who will be the engine partner? I have no idea.

"The biggest problem is time, because it is putting Red Bull in a difficult situation. I feel for Dietrich Mateschitz as there is nothing worse when the situation is not in your hands."