Webber: Worst nightmare is a stalled car


With rain forecast for Sunday's Belgian GP, Mark Webber has warned that the new start procedure could be made even more hazardous.

This weekend the FIA has introduced new rules limiting the input the pitwall has on drivers' starts.

The drivers will have to chose their own clutch bite point as they leave the pitlane without knowing any of the information usually garnered during the formation lap.

The rule has been greeted with mixed reactions with Webber warning it could lead to an accident at the start, especially if it is raining on Sunday.

The former Red Bull driver told the Telegraph: "The new rule will be exposed for the first three or four races.

"The worst nightmare is a stalled car. If you do have a stalled car, which is a possibility, then it can create a start-line crash.

"But we have the marshals also on the track with the flags. It will be a topic, particularly if somebody stalls at the front and visibility is compromised down the back.

"If it's a wet start for example there is spray very fast and, if someone doesn't get away well, that can be a problem."