Wehrlein ‘more hungry to perform even better’

Date published: March 16 2017 - Editor

Pascal Wehrlein is determined to improve on the “smaller things” as he prepares for a second season in Formula 1, this year with Sauber.

Last season the former DTM Champion raced for back-of-the-grid Manor where he scored one point through a tenth place finish at the Austrian Grand Prix.

That P10 made him only the second driver in Manor’s short history to score a World Championship point.

It was, however, a difficult season for Wehrlein who went from winning races and titles in DTM to fighting just to avoid being last.

“I think as a person I grew the most last season. These things just make you stronger,” he told GPUpdate.net.

“It makes you more hungry to perform even better and to come back stronger.

“If you have won many races, many titles… for example, at the end of 2015 (after winning the DTM title), I felt much more comfortable and easy, while at the end of last year, after a season which was still good but I wasn’t on the podium, I didn’t win races, you are so hungry again to win races, and you can’t wait to do that.

“It’s the same if a chance is there but you couldn’t take it, you want to make sure next time you take it.”

However, having missed out on a Force India race-seat and then one at Mercedes, Wehrlein acknowledges that this year’s goal is all about improving as a driver.

“It’s in general,” he said. “I think that the second year is always a lot easier from what I’ve experienced.

“You’ve done everything once, you know what to expect, I know all the tracks. Yes, the cars are new, but they are new for everyone.

“I think the second year is always easier, which is what I experienced in DTM, where I had a strong first year, but still some difficult moments, and the second year was much easier.

“You can just focus a lot more on finer things, the smaller things, which can make a big difference – two or three tenths.”