Wehrlein: We need to manage our tyres better


Rookie German driver Pascal Wehrlein has claimed that Manor were not competitive enough at the Australian Grand Prix because of tyre degradation.

Wehrlein, who impressed onlookers with his F1 debut in Melbourne, claimed that the team needs to manage their tyres better if they are to maintain their pace throughout the season.

"The start was great," the 21-year-old revealed to Motorsport.com. "I was a bit surprised about my start, because it was my first in F1, but it was amazing.

"I improved six or seven positions in the first lap, and then we were really competitive in the first few laps when the tyres were good.

"But then we had quite big tyre degradation, and for me after six or seven laps it got worse compared to the other drivers.

"Then as soon as we put on some new tyres, the pace was back again, so we had a similar pace like in the beginning, so I could fight with other drivers. Then again after a few laps I had more tyre degradation.

"That's the first thing we need to work on, to make the tyres last a bit longer. But in general what makes me optimistic is that the pace is there.

"We just need to do some changes on the set-up and make the tyres last longer, and then we are competitive."