Weight lifted off Ericsson’s shoulders


Marcus Ericsson admits it was a “great relief” to score points in Bahrain, his first top-ten showing since Italy 2015.

Ericsson and his F1 team, Sauber, have had a tough time over the past two years with points being extremely difficult to come by as they lapped at the very back of the field.

However, a one-stop strategy in Bahrain on Sunday night saw the Swede race his way from 17th on the grid to ninth at the chequered flag.

“It’s a great relief because I’ve had some really difficult years the last few years,” he said.

“I’ve worked really hard and I’ve had some really great performances and races.

“I’ve been very close [to the points] but there’s always been something happening – a Safety Car or something – when I’ve been looking to try and score those points.”

He added: “To be able to do that has been a big relief and you can feel a weight lifting from your shoulders, for sure because even though the car has not been there to score points, it’s what we’re here for – to score points.

“When you don’t do that, even if you don’t have a car to do it, it’s still frustrating. So that’s why it’s such a nice feeling to be back scoring points.”