Whiting downplays driver confusion with Halo


Charlie Whiting says fans will definitely know who is behind each Halo, they just need to look at the car numbers, helmets and cameras.

Kevin Magnussen recently raised concerns that fans won’t be able to tell the drivers apart given that Halo is now partially blocking their view.

“When the whole field is going into the first corner you’re not going to have a clue who is who,” said the Haas driver.

However, F1 race director Whiting doesn’t agree with the Dane’s worries as fans can look at the camera colours, the drivers’ helmets and also the more prodominant car numbers.

“I’ve always personally felt it’s much easier to try and look at the colour of the on-board cameras,” he said.

“Max (Verstappen) and Daniel (Ricciardo), for example, don’t look dissimilar [with crash helmets on].

“Last year it was much easier with those two cars because the numbers were very prominent, which they weren’t until last year. That actually worked quite well.

“We’ve made sure that all the numbers on the cars are in exactly the same places and the cameras will be black for the first car and all yellow for the second car.

“I’m fairly convinced that fans won’t need to resort to try and identify drivers helmet colours to know who’s in the car.”