Whiting refutes safety concerns


Charlie Whiting insists Formula 1's new limits on radio communications are not a safety concern as teams can inform drivers of "safety critical stuff."

Last time out in Australia Formula 1 went a step further in limiting radio communications between the teams and their drivers.

This was done in a bid to put the onus back on the drivers so that they are in complete control of the cars.

There have, however, been some concerned raised with Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff worried that it could lead to "situations which are beyond the engineers' control."

FIA race director Whiting insists any "critical" safety information is still permitted.

He told Autosport: "They can display all that.

"The safety critical stuff can be displayed on the dash, so they need to make sure they display the right things.

"It's a question of managing it between the team and the driver without the need for the radio, without being told what settings to apply. They'll deal with it."