Why are safety rules not consistent?

Date published: March 27 2018 - Editor

Formula 1 may have introduced the Halo this season but not all safety rules, or lack thereof, make sense as pointed out by Des Head…

One thing to get off my chest…

Free Practise 1, 2 & 3 sees the mechanics in the pits all wearing short sleeve shirts, shorts and no helmet whilst working on the cars/changing tyres etc. Come the qualy and the race they are all kitted out with full safety gear – long sleeve and long legged overalls/fire suits and helmet etc.

My question has always been – “what makes the practise sessions any different to race day from a safety perspective?”

I used to work in a chemical factory as Factory Manager officially a 5 day week, and I got kitted out in my safety gear etc to enter the factory as per regulations. I would also visit at the weekends to check up (not officially on duty) and STILL put on all my safety gear as expected to enter the factory.

What is so different about F1 that they can be so slack with safety during practise (cars are the same, pit lane speeds the same, car numbers the same, wheels just as heavy etc as race day) that the mechanics only put on safety gear on race day?

This has has baffled me for years, but I have never found anyone to ask.

Regards to your team,

Des Head

Grand Prix/F1 fan since 1955

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