Why did Kamui retire in Russia?


There’s some confusion at Caterham as to why Kamui Kobayashi retired in Russia with contrasting claims from the driver and the team.

Immediately after parking his car back in the Caterham garage, Kobayashi told the media that he had no problem with the car, rather he was told to park it by management.

He told BBC 5 live: “Nothing wrong with the car. The team asked me to stop the car to save mileage.

“We have a lot of mileage limitation to avoid things going wrong with the parts. This is why I get message from top management.”

Caterham, however, claim there was a problem with the car.

The team tweeted: “The reason for @kamui_kobayashi’s retirement was that his brakes were overheating and it was too dangerous for him to carry on racing.”


Kobayashi later toed the party line in a Caterham press report, saying: “When I heard over the radio that I needed to pit I thought it was just a normal pit-stop, but then I was told that I needed to retire.

“It was all a bit of a surprise to me and at first I didn’t really know what the reason for having to stop was.

“The team has now analysed the telemetry and it was clear that my brakes were overheating too much. ”

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