Wider tyres force FIA to tweak minimum weight


The minimum weight of this year’s Formula 1 cars as been increased by another 6kg as a result of the new wider Pirelli tyres.

Although the recent spate of technical regulations published by the FIA stated that each car, without fuel, must not be less that 722kg at all times, that has been tweaked because of the new Pirelli tyres.

For this year’s championship Pirelli’s rear tyres are up from 325mm to 405, and fronts up from 245 to 305.

The increased width has also added weight, a report 6 kgs.

Article 4.3 of the F1 regulations states that weight limits “will be adjusted up or down according to any differences (rounded up to the nearest 1kg) between the total set and individual axle set weights respectively of the 2016 and 2017 dry-weather tyres.”

As such the new limit for 2017 is up to 728kg, which is 26 more than last year’s mandatory 702kg limit.