Williams adjust Bottas’ car


Valtteri Bottas says Williams have changed the position of his seat and pedals in order to prevent further back troubles.

Bottas was unable to race in the Australian GP after suffering soft tissue damage to his lower back in qualifying.

The Finn, though, has been declared fit to contest this weekend's event at the Sepang circuit after passing the FIA tests on Thursday morning.

Williams have also done their part to try prevent the injury from flaring up again by making adjustments to Bottas' car.

"We have a really good idea [of what caused the injury], so we have changed the seat and pedal position quite a reasonable amount," the Finn announced.

"The back is in more of a neutral position in the car, so there is less pressure for the discs.

"Now, I think we have got it right."

Pressed as to what happened last time out in Melbourne, the Williams driver stated that it was a sudden injury and described the feeling as someone "putting a knife" in his back.

He explained: "There were no warnings, it just went suddenly.

"It was like someone putting a knife in. Then the pain was ramping up until midnight, but luckily it started to ease off, and in the morning I would have been ready to race.

"I did pass the [pre-race medical] tests, but they had all the access to the material we got from the hospital, like the MRI and all that stuff, and maybe they thought it's better in the longer term.

"It was very disappointing not to be able to race, but I respect the decision of the FIA. Now they say I'm fit to race, which I also feel, so that's good."