Williams call for ‘disqualification’


Never mind a penalty, Pat Symonds reckons Lewis Hamilton should be disqualified from the Italian GP for breaking a "safety regulation."

The Brit is having to face the stewards in the wake of his Italian Grand Prix after it was revealed his rear-left tyre was 0.3 PSI below the minimum pressure at the start of the grand prix.

Pirelli had changed the tyre measures ahead of the Italian weekend in response to Sebastian Vettel's Spa blow-out.

However, both Mercedes cars failed to adhere to the new measurement as Nico Rosberg's rear-left was 1.1 PSI blow the specified minimum.

Symonds, Williams' chief technical officer, believes it is a infringement worthy of disqualification.

He told Sky Sports F1: "What I'm hearing is that a team broke a safety regulation and I can't see anything other than full disqualification."

He added: "It's out of my hands but I don't think it's a tough decision if the measurements are verified."

Rob Smedley, Williams head of performance, backed his colleague's assessment.

"It's a safety issue – as far as I know, it's a disqualification," he said.